About us


Our CEO Volker Wolframm (the person on the left in the picture) established the Wolframm Münzhandel in 1987.

The small family business started doing auctions first in 1995 in Münster with coins and medals, later in 1999 the Teutoburger Münzauktion was settled in Borgholzhausen. In the meanwhile in our company there are 12 people working on 4 up to 6 auction catalogues per year which are sent as printed examples to around 5000 customers all over the world. 

The auction dates are every 3 months: end of February, end of May, beginning of September and beginning of December.
Since 2011 we do special auctions for coins of China and Southeastasia.

In 2014 the firm was devided into two new companies, the Teutoburger Münzhandel (especially for buying gold, silver and other precious metals) owned by Volker’s son Jens Wolframm (person on the right in the picture) and the Teutoburger Münzauktion.

Also in 2014 our partner in Norway was established, the Mynt og Eiendom Bessaker AS.



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