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Lot 1731 630.00 EUR
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Schulten 4434

630.00 EUR
(After sale)

630.00 EUR
(After sale)

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Goldgulden o.J., Hall. Stempel von Benedikt Burkhard. Erzherzog mit
geschultertem Kugelzepter v.v. stehend/Blumenkreuz, in den Winkeln
vier Wappen. Im NGC-Blister mit Grading VF DETAILS (cleaned). fast
sehr schön, berieben, selten

Automatically generated translation:
Gold guilders undated, Hall. Postmark from Benedict Burkhard. Archduke with shouldering ball scepter from v. Standing / floral cross, in the angles four coat of arms. In the NGC-Blister with Grading VF details (cleaned). Almost very fine, rubbed, rare

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